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If you’re someone who is either involved with or enjoys the bar and hospitality industry – then USBG|MSP is for you! Made up of local bartenders, brand ambassadors, distillers, and all around enthusiasts, we’re a group that focuses on education, passion, and community.

Our monthly meetings are a “Punch & Lunch” where we get together Zoom together to discuss guild business, promote upcoming events, and share wins and challenges. Sponsored by local and national brands, and hosted at great restaurants and spaces around town, these meetings are a time for education and community building. See old friends, make new ones, and get to know the people who make our local scene thrive.

Throughout the year we also host charity events like packing food at Open Arms and fundraisers like our annual Iron Bartender competition! Additionally, brands are often in town hosting tastings and brand launches, and often promote those through our members.

If you want to join in the fun, head on over to the National USBG page and join today!

2020 has been a time of mass work disruptions like nothing our industry has experienced & we want our community to stay connected to USBG resources no matter what their current job situation may be. Starting in 2021, all USBG memberships begin in January and renew in December.

For Hospitality Professional Members, we are offering a Pay-What-You-Can dues discount for 2021 membership dues. 

Get more information about the Pay What You Can program for 2021 membership.

“I’ve been bartending for almost 6 years now and have been a member of the USBG|MSP chapter for the last 3. Joining the guild was invaluable for me to access to more resources and information to learn from. It was after I joined the guild that I realized how much I love bartending and learning about our trade. Being in the guild definitely contributed to that. I learn a lot just from meeting and talking to other bartenders in the guild and sitting at their bars with one of their cocktails. Through the guild I’m able to participate in dozens of competitions and education programs throughout the year. Last year I got to attend the all-inclusive immersion experience at Patrón in Jalisco, Mexico. That was an unreal experience, and if I had to name one reason to join, considering the cost of our annual membership, a trip like that makes it so worth joining it’s almost stupid for people not to join. “

-Sean Steuart, Bar Manager at Bleu Duck Kitchen – Rochester, MN